"My mother's nurse was an excellent example of what home health nursing is supposed to be about."

Latest News
VMI joins Chicago and Northern Illinois Better Business Bureau
March 30th, 2016


We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business, in today’s world it is imperative that our patients know how seriously we take our commitment to excellence and quality home health care.  Our desire is to stay focused on what we do best; provide outstanding patient care.

March 25th, 2016

VMI is hiring experienced Nurses (RN) and Home Health Aides (CNA).

To apply email resume to VMIHH@att.net or fax to : 773 467 0022

March is Colon Cancer Awareness month
March 4th, 2016

Know your numbers 1280_1457040633100_737034_ver1.0Colorectal cancer affects both men and women. It is the third most diagnosed cancer, and it is the second deadliest form of the disease. Less than half of colorectal cancers are caught at an early stage when they are most treatable. The Minnesota Department of Health says 69% of people over age 50 are getting screened. Nationwide, deaths due to colon cancer have been on the decline, mostly due to earlier detection.
Colon cancer can strike anyone at any age; however, most cases appear in people over age 50. People who have a parent, sibling or child with colon cancer are two- to three-times more likely to develop the disease. Ethnicity also plays a role. African-American men and women have a higher rate of colon cancer, as do Jews of Eastern-European descent.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) says if caught early enough, the five-year survival rate can be as high as 90%. It recommends that screenings start at age 50. If colon cancer runs in the family, earlier starting ages should be considered.

February 19th, 2016

From the American Heart Association, Life’s Simple 7 provides steps for achieving ideal

cardiovascular health and is the basis of the American Heart Association’s

online initiative:

My Life Check

visit the link to find out more


  • Seven Steps to a Healthier Heart
  • My Personal Health Tracker
  • Making Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices
  • Understanding and Improving Your Cholesterol
  • Understanding and Controlling Your High Blood Pressure

and many more Heart Healthy Tips

Medicare Star Rating
February 12th, 2016

Vital Measurements recently was awarded  a 4.5 Star rating of all homecare agencies in the United States

February 12th, 2016

* Home Care Elite – Recognized  - Top 500 agencies in the United States

* Nurse owned and operated

* We are a phone call away 773 467 1777

Happy New Year !!!
December 24th, 2014

As 2014 draws to a close we would like to thank you, our patients!

  • Your faith in our services has made 2014 a year of growth and learning for our nursing staff and physical therapists.
  • As always, our commitment to your health and recovery will continue in the New Year.
  • We have set lofty goals in training and customer service improvement for the coming year and hope to serve your needs with professional and compassionate home care.

VMI would like to wish each and every member of our patient family a Healthy and Happy New Year.

A little information about the VMI Staff
December 17th, 2014

We offer Skilled Nursing, Home Health Aides and Physical and Occupational Therapists.

Each of our professional team members:

  • Is highly experienced and compassionate
  • Undergoes comprehensive background checks
  • Receives ongoing educational and in house training
  • Has all certifications and professional licenses verified
  • Is informed of changes in the home health industry
  • Provides superior care and service above all.

VMI Nursing services offered
December 3rd, 2014


  • PT/INR Via Coag Machine for Immediate Results
  • Infusion Therapy, including Central Line Maintenance
  • Blood samples drawn
  • Tube Feeding, Instruction and Maintenance
  • EKG’s, Chest X Ray, Oxygen Therapy Services Available
  • Wound Assessment and Treatment
  • Decubitus Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Foley Catheterization, Irrigation and Maintenance
  • Injections
  • Pulse Oximetry

December 2nd, 2014


  • HomeCare Elite Winner – Recognized as a one of the top 500 Home Care Agencies in the US

  • Illinois Foundation For Quality Health Care - 2014 Certificate of Achievement – Significantly improving patient outcomes- Improving health care quality for Medicare beneficiaries